British fashion house reveals major rebrand

Burberry, the iconic British design house, has unveiled its new branding as part of its first major rebrand in 20 years.

It follows the takeover of chief creative officer Riccardo Tisci, who has now held the role for five months.

In a post on Instagram, the fashion house revealed its new ‘TB’ monogram and logo and thought process behind the brand’s new direction.

Burberry has ditched its classic knight-and-horse logo and instead settled on a simple, typographic monogram led by the initials ‘TB’ – a nod to the brand’s founder, Thomas Burberry.

The monogram uses a combination of orange, white and brown – known as honey.

The monogram is also accompanied by a new logo, a contemporary, sans-serif, all-caps typeface.

The rebrand was led by leading art director Peter Saville, the designer also tasked with reinvigorating the Calvin Klein brand in 2017.

The Instagram posts also feature communications between Mr Tisci and Mr Saville. The chief creative officer asked if the project could be completed in just four weeks. The response? “You must be crazy. You need four months for a project like this!”, said Mr Saville.

The rebrand has been unveiled ahead of one of the world’s leading fashion events, London Fashion Week.