Luxury packaging

Callprint’s luxury packaging helps businesses change perceptions

Print specialist, Callprint, is helping businesses change perceptions with its luxury packaging solutions.

The firm, which offers a wide range of specialist printing services, uses its extensive capabilities to create luxury packaging for businesses across a diverse collection of industries.

The offering can even include packaging with integrated video screens, lighting or 3D printed elements.

Gary Cheek, a Director at Callprint, said: “When you are offering a high quality or luxury product, it is important that your packaging reflects your product and your brand.

“Your packaging has a big impact on how your product will be perceived and luxury packaging is a very effective way of signalling a high-end, high-quality product.

“We all know the special feeling of unboxing a new luxury item and our packaging services can enable you to give your clients and customers this experience.

“Whether you wish to package a bid document or a luxury product, our specialists can assist with meeting even the most complex specifications with industry-leading turnaround times.”

Callprint has seven locations in London and a further 13 locations across the UK, as well as sites in Dubai and the USA.