First look: UEFA revitalises Europa League branding

The Union of European Football Associations, also known as UEFA, has launched a raft of new branding materials as it attempts to revitalise its Europa League competition.

Image: UEFA

UEFA itself has described the rebrand – albeit bravely – as an “edgier identity”.

The branding features strong shades of orange, black and white, with elements influenced by the competition’s trophy, which is angular and textured.

A strong polygon shape – described by the design team as an “energy wave” – sits across all of the branding. The team said the wave could be used digitally and in print, and will flow dynamically when used on the television.

The team says it “supports, together with the core branding assets, better opportunities for UEFA and its partners to own the brand. This will help to make the product more recognisable and visually connect to the fans and other stakeholders”.

Guy-Laurent Epstein, UEFA Events SA Marketing Director, said: “The refreshed identity is bolder and more daring than before. It will stand out more and help us to engage with fans across multiple touch points.”

It’s important to also note that key elements such as the logo and type font remain largely the same, thus retaining the competition’s core identity.

Image: UEFA

A brand new UEFA Europa League anthem, composed by MassiveMusic, will complement the brand, creating an utterly fresh experience for fans and players alike.

Overall, we think the team behind the brand have done a superb job of introducing excitement and fearlessness to a competition which was at risk of losing its thrill.

Image: UEFA

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