The five most important things to include on your business flyer

Nowadays, a flyer is more likely to be thrown aside than it is to be read. But to promote your event, brand or services, a flyer is among the most effective items of marketing collateral to have. So, how you do you catch the attention of an audience with an ever-declining attention span? If you want to make sure your flyer is absorbed by your customers, here’s the five most important design elements to include.

Unique features

To avoid the risk of your flyer being folded away and forgotten about, you need to make courageous design choices. From thought-provoking language to discounts and sales, you need to make your flyer say ‘choose me!’. And at the very least, it gives a reader a reason to take an interest in what your flyer has to say.

Striking imagery

We’ve grown accustomed to shoddy photography and lacklustre illustrations on the flyers we pick up. Break the mould and consider hiring a professional to take high quality shots of your product, or an experienced artist to illustrate what your service is all about. It will make a world of difference in persuading the customer that your business is a blue ribbon establishment.

QR code

As well as other points of interest, a QR code allows your customer to interact with your flyer in a way which excites and arouses their attention. And with limited space, a QR code is an excellent way of delivering much more information than you would on a typical flyer. And let’s not forget that people are inherently lazy. A QR code skips many of the steps customers usually might not bother with.

Social media

Customers are changing the way they grow and maintain their relationship with a brand. Certainly a younger audience is more likely to look up a business on social media and interact directly on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, than they would via email or telephone. In conclusion, make sure you let your audience know you’re a social brand, and include those all important social logos.

Call to action

And finally, there’s nothing more important than telling your audience what to do, where to go next, or who to contact. We hear about call to actions a lot in the world of marketing, and for good reason – a recent study found that a single call-to-action increased email clicks by some 371 per cent and sales by 1617 per cent! So, for the greatest level of engagement, make sure you’re doing the ordering.

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