Hotel group targets millennials with splashy branding

A new European branch of hotels has revealed its new branding which it hopes will resonate with the next generation of travellers.

Assembly, a subsidiary of the property company Criterion Capital, said it wants to inspire visitors to “get up and go”. It will open its first hotel in London.

The design studio behind the branding say they have aimed the hotel towards millennials – typically anyone born between 1981 and 1996 (aged 22 to 37).

To appeal to this generation, it has used a unique typeface using both serif and sans-serif characteristics, known as ‘Assembled Display’. The positions of the lettering are irregular and font sizes vary.

It said it chose the unique typeface “as an antidote to the inoffensive and bland aesthetic favoured by other hotel brands”.

The colour palette is just as outspoken. The core colour set uses a mixture of dark purple and light pink, with supporting colours including light blue, dark blue, orange, brown, green and yellow.

It says the wild new imagery will be used across all of its new marketing collateral and communications, including posters, the website and in-room products such as hand-soap packaging.

The brand’s position is also helped by a selection of ‘street’ photographs of young people endorsing the hotel’s logo and punchy slogans, such as “Don’t visit, live it” and “Less chill, more thrill”.