‘it’s all in the detail’ – a new era of presentation boxes

Design has an impact we simply can’t ignore. A well-thought design may have been the reason why your eyes were drawn to that specific advert, or why you decided to pick up that brochure out of the many hundreds on offer.

It really is ‘all in the detail’.

So how can we use great design to win over a prospective contract? We think we may have found the perfect solution.

Earlier this year, we began working on an exciting project aimed at suppliers, contractors and professional services. Our clients would often ask us how they could stand out from the crowd and add something extra to their bid presentations.

We listened, and we are proud to introduce ‘it’s all in the detail’ – a new era of bid presentation boxes designed specifically to wow your audience.

Our goal was to create a product that would make prospective clients stop and stare and want to find out more about your business.

The boxes are utterly bespoke, incorporating graphic design and 3D print elements to make a fantastic first impression. Each box is tailor-made to client specifications, including size, colour, texture and design elements, and created using our state-of-the-art print facilities across 14 locations nationwide.

Introducing: it’s all in the detail

  • Wow prospective clients with a bid presentation they’ve never experienced before

  • Ensure your bid is opened, watched or read

  • Bespoke and tailor-made to client specifications

  • Professionally designed and 3D printed

  • Easy ordering, quick turnaround, no-fuss delivery

  • Custom shapes, sizes and textures available

  • Robust, high-quality design

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