Introducing: the superwide HP Latex 1500 Printer

Earlier this month, we announced the addition of the superwide HP Latex 1500 Printer to our vast production fleet.

We are always excited to share with you the latest in printing innovations and how they can help you achieve your business goals.

Put it simply, the 1500 Printer is a monster in producing wide-format printed products, quickly and at the highest quality available.

The printer is capable of printing products up to 3.2 meters in width (126 inches), at a rate of 16m² to 74m² per hour, depending on the number of passes needed.

In printing, a pass is defined as the printing material moving under the ink delivery system. We may do this up to 18 times to achieve the desired product.

We use the 1500 Printer to produce a variety of large-format projects, including outdoor and event banners, point of purchase posts, vehicle graphics, textiles, wall coverings and more.

What’s more, we can eliminate delays and reduce the risk of damaging the product as the HP 1500 Printer prints dry and is scratch resistant – meaning a quicker, higher quality printed product direct to your door.

To discover the capabilities of the latest in large format printing technology, please get in touch. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs and show you a range of examples from previous projects.