Why did Nigeria steal the show at this World Cup?

Nigeria may have made an early exit from this year’s World Cup, but its audacious new kit is here to stay.

Described as a ‘fashion phenomenon’, the team’s 2018 jerseys prove that great design can accelerate any organisation to new heights.

When the kit was first announced, Nike, Nigeria’s official apparel partner, received some 3 million pre-orders in around 15 minutes. Compare this with footballing giant Manchester United, who sold just 2.85 million shirts over the entire 2016/17 season, and you know there’s something special about this kit.

So, what’s all the hype about?

The jersey itself is utterly unique. While most international football teams will settle for tradition, the Nigerian jersey bravely flashes colour, design and bravura.

Vibrant green and white chevrons attribute to the side’s courageous new look. The shapes are said to represent an eagle’s wings in flight – a shout out to the team’s moniker, the ‘Super Eagles’.

And according to Nike design director, Pete Hoppins, the kit also represents a new, youthful direction for the Nigerian side.

“While no one expects Nigeria to challenge for the World Cup, we felt that there’s something going on with Nigeria as a young team,” he said.

“There’s a confidence in all these young players, they’re going to go for it and we were attracted to that. We thought that there’s something in here to do something different.”

The kit was further accompanied by a selection of fan material, including a floral zip-up top, a bucket hat, and patterns influenced by traditional Nigerian streetwear.

So, Nigeria may be down, but they are certainly not out. The daring new jersey will continue to live on throughout the remainder of this World Cup and beyond as a testament to progression and striking design.


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