Why is online brand management so important to brands?

The way your audience perceives and recognises your brand online is influential to overall success.

To put it simply, online brand management, also known as OBM, is the art of controlling and manipulating the presence of your brand across a multitude of digital mediums, from social media, in the press, advertising and on your own website, among others.

When done well, your brand should have a consistent and powerful brand image at all touch points.

What’s more, a recent study suggested that consistent presentation of a brand increases revenue by 23 per cent on average, while 77 per cent of marketers say that branding is critical to future growth.

So, how does it work?

OBM starts with strategy, is implemented by a brand manager, and is assisted by content management tools, such as My Visual Asset and Google Alerts.

Your strategy should contain clear brand guidelines which set the standard for all uses of your brand’s logos, straplines, values and any other characteristic which shapes your brand’s identity.

Your brand manager will be responsible for ensuring these rules are carried out by members within your own organisation, as well as third-party organisations, such as partners and the press. While is it not always possible to control exactly what is published online, brand managers should be taking steps to ensure the rules are adhered to, for example, by providing a copy of your brand guidelines to external organisations.

Online brand management is made all the more manageable by making use of specialised software.

For example, our clients use My Visual Asset to hold their entire marketing inventory within one central hub. The system updates all information from one central branding location, ensuring consistency, with agreed access control giving users access to your most up to date content.

By combining strategy, key people and online brand management tools, brands can effectively control their identity online and create a deeper connection with customers.

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