Request Pickup

We are pleased to bring you as part of our on-going development program another technology first for your improved customer service and experience.

We fully understand the everyday increasing pressures that we all find ourselves involved with and have designed our request pickup service to be as quick and efficient as possible without the phone call.

Just fill in the details below, this will only need to be done once as your details will be retained for future use, hit the submit button and that’s it. You will see at the top of the screen a green box that alerts you that your request has been successful and in addition you will receive a confirmation e-mail that you can retain for your records.

Your request will now be processed from your nominated branch and a representative for collection will be with you to collect your instruction and work as normal.

If your work is of an expedited time sensitive nature can you please make contact with the branch as normal for arrangements to be made to ensure that we can deliver our high quality services within your agreed timeline.

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