The three major elements every business should include in their business stationery

All too often, brands run the risk of missing out on powerful marketing opportunities because they underestimate the effectiveness of branded stationery.

Whether they place less importance in pens and paper than other marketing channels and expenditure, or if they’ve not quite hit the mark in terms of brand message and design, ineffective or non-existent branded stationery can leave a remarkably unmemorable note in the minds of clients and customers.

At Callprint, we believe the best branded stationery should contain, at minimum, three elements which can turn a fleeting meeting into a long-lasting business relationship.

So, to get the best out of your branded stationery, here’s the three most important things brands should be including.


Yes, your logo may be recognisable to your customers, but to those who pick up a pen from your display stand and never truly interact with your business, context is everything. For example, we know that ‘Better Electrics’ produces state of the art light fixtures, but to the layman, they could be an electrician, an energy provider, or anything else for that matter. It’s always better to tell your potential customer that ‘Better Electrics” builds and installs “state of the art light fixtures” to avoid confusion and convey your brand with clarity.

Call to action

So they know who you are and what you do, but how can they get in touch? We recommend always placing a call to action on your branded stationery, whether that’s a phone number, email address or website. Call to actions make it easy for your audience to interact with your brand. Try also adding a short and sharp direction such as ‘CALL US NOW…’ or ‘FOR A FREE QUOTE, EMAIL…’ to create a sense of urgency.


It’s all too easy to pick a selection of stationery based on the cheapest quote. Our advice is to not do that, and instead find a balance between price and quality. Shop around and request sample products. Look closely at what you pick up and how you interact with it – is this a pen or notepad you would use on a daily basis? Or is it flimsy and cheap? Because make no mistake, brand attraction is shallow and can hang on the quality of a pack of post-its.

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